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    OnOpen script



      OnOpen script


      I'm looking to create a script, which will run on startup and will check the start date of a subscription, calculate if it's coming up for renewal and then show a custom dialogue box if necessary.  How do I get the script to run at startup/OnOpen?



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          If you are using Mac OS X, go to the FileMaker Menu and select 'Preferences', another menu will open allowing you to select the preferences for the application or for the document (Database) you are working with. Select the document preferences and in the general tab, mark the Perform Script and select the "OnOpen" script you created (Or any other script in the database, the name doesn't matter), click ok, close the database and the next time you open it, the script will run automatically.


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            Thanks for your reply - managed to find the document preferences (File > File Options) and will try what you suggest.