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    OnRecordLoad -> Set Global Variable



      OnRecordLoad -> Set Global Variable




      I'm currently evaluating FilemakerPro 14.  So far, I kinda like it except that it's a bit expensive.

      I'm having a problem with the OnRecordLoad event in a layout.  I set a global variable $$CustomerID to the current Customer::CustomerID value.  For testing purpose, I've displayed this Global Variable on my layout.  now I have two Customer in my table, Customer #1 and 2.  When I use the "Next Record" icon from filemaker to go from Customer 1 to Customer 2, the variable on the layout shows 1.  When I move from Customer #2 to #1, it shows 2....

      In the OnRecordLoad event, my script is only performing the following:

      Set Variable [$CustomerID; Value: Customer::CustomerID]

      What is it that I'm doing wrong?

      Thank you.

      P.s. what is it with this forum not accepting my [Enter]...  whenever I press [Enter], it goes back at the beginning of my post, kinda frustrating!








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          Give the layout text containing your merge variable and object name. Then add a refresh object step to your script after changing the value of the variable.

          You second complain reveals that you are using Safari to post to this forum. Other web browsers do not have this issue. You can:

          a) use a different browser or

          b) leave a character to the right of the cursor and then pressing return will not jump the cursor back to start.

          and in either case, we'll be switching to entirely different software near the end of this month.

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            Great, it works well, thank you.

            As for the browser, no I'm currently using Microsoft Edge from Windows 10.  But from now on, I'll use Chrome if it works better. 

            Thanks again!


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              I use Firefox myself. This is the first report for Edge, but it's all a short lived issue due to the fact that FileMaker inc is finally junking the garbage software they've been trying to get to work here by the end of the month.