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OnRecordLoad -> Set Global Variable

Question asked by Darsidious on Aug 15, 2015
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OnRecordLoad -> Set Global Variable




I'm currently evaluating FilemakerPro 14.  So far, I kinda like it except that it's a bit expensive.

I'm having a problem with the OnRecordLoad event in a layout.  I set a global variable $$CustomerID to the current Customer::CustomerID value.  For testing purpose, I've displayed this Global Variable on my layout.  now I have two Customer in my table, Customer #1 and 2.  When I use the "Next Record" icon from filemaker to go from Customer 1 to Customer 2, the variable on the layout shows 1.  When I move from Customer #2 to #1, it shows 2....

In the OnRecordLoad event, my script is only performing the following:

Set Variable [$CustomerID; Value: Customer::CustomerID]

What is it that I'm doing wrong?

Thank you.

P.s. what is it with this forum not accepting my [Enter]...  whenever I press [Enter], it goes back at the beginning of my post, kinda frustrating!