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OnRecordLoad script and invisible tabs

Question asked by yoelcita on Aug 4, 2010
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OnRecordLoad script and invisible tabs


I have three invisible tabs in my layout that I want to display according to the value of a field (either a drop-down or radio button field -- with three available values).  I have only been able to get Go to Object to work as a script triggered by a field modification/exit/etc.  It works, but seems to function no differently than a regular visible tab.  When the user views another record, the same tab that was displayed in the previous record is the one that shows.  How can I get the field's already-selected value in a specific record to determine which tab shows, with no user action other than loading the record?  Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated... I don't know if I made any sense!

I'm using FileMaker Pro 10 and have just basic experience.