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OnTimer script error after 24 hours

Question asked by FMUser101 on Jun 24, 2014
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OnTimer script error after 24 hours


     I have a script set up on a timer, which is triggered by the opening script for my database. This database is open and left running on a specific computer that then hosts it via instant web publishing for employees to access. I am now stuck, however, as while the script works without issue for the first 24 hours, executing and performing any necessary tasks on the open database file, after 24 hours I get the error message: "An installed OnTimer script could not be found or could not be run with current access privileges" and the script on the timer stops executing. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what might be going wrong here to cause the script timer to “time-out”? This error message doesn't really make sense to me since the OnTimer script is executed multiple times without issue before the message comes up. I have tried using different time intervals, with the same result.

     Thanks in advance for any help!