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    Ontimer script paused when working on record



      Ontimer script paused when working on record


      Hi, i have an ontimer script running on a client ( and plan to run it on multiple clients ). What it essentially does it grab info from a "print que" table which is generated by users from web-direct who want to print some packing slips, and prints them. 

      It seems to be working fine except when the client-user is working on a record, lets say he's clicked on a drop down value list and leaves it at that ( without selecting any value yet), the on-timer script is paused and will not proceed. Now i was thinking if the client-user clicks in a value list and takes off somewhere, then the web-direct users will be waiting forever until he's back and clicks out of that value-list. 

      I tried opening another window and ran the onscript timer from there, but it still gets stuck if the value list is opened on the original window. 

      Is there a solution to have the ontimer script keep running regardless of who is doing what on any window?