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Open 3rd party app on iPad

Question asked by RuiGuerreiro on May 5, 2014


Open 3rd party app on iPad


     Hello everyone,

     I'm trying to find a way to scan documents directly into my database. In the database I have a list of needed documents, and I would like to have a way to scan each of those from FM. For example, the list contains Identity Card, Drivers License, Proof of Address, etc. I want to have, say a button, to the right of each of those, that I can press and scan each of them. I could just set a container, but since I would prefer to have them as PDF files, it would be better to scan the documents using the iPad app Scanner Pro, and then send the scanned documents back into the database.

     So, the idea would be to have a button to the right of each document name that would launch the Scanner Pro app and then send the result back into the Database. Maybe this is only possible with a script of some kind? Can anyone help me set this, or is it just too complicated?

     Thank you so much!