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    Open a File Already in the Database



      Open a File Already in the Database


      I am using the sarter solution "Document Library."  It can accomplish almost everything we want it to.  We have multiple documents that we have logged into the database and imported into each record.  What we want to do is create a button that will allow us to view the document that we imported into each record.  The export button built into the starter solution accomplishes this, but it requires that the document is saved to your computer each time.  How would I create a button that has a script that opens the document for viewing?  It can open in File Maker, and I understand that you can set the viewing size.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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          Will the user need to modify the document and then save it back to it's original location?

          I don't think you do, if I understand your original post. I'd use the export Field Contents script step that this button uses, but export it to the user's temporary items folder so that the file is not retained when the user shuts down their computer.

          You can also use a web viewer to view some types of documents iniside the web viewer.

          If these are inserted files (not pictures) and you have used the "by reference" option to insert them. You can also open the document by double clicking the container field.

          A button that uses Go to Field [select/perform] will do the same thing as the doubleclick.