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Open a file from container field (open storage)

Question asked by krod on Jun 6, 2014
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Open a file from container field (open storage)


     I have a container field that uses open storage, with the file location specified by the contents of the record fields ("Document Tracker/"&Document Tracker::Document Type&"/"&Document Tracker::Doc Name&"/Version "&Version Number). Is there a script I can write that will open this file. I know I can export the file and open that to view, but I'd rather avoid that if possible.

     I've tried open URL, but I can't seem to make a relative URL open. If I specify the URL for the script, I can get the file to open, but I've got hundreds of files, and more files will continually be uploaded all in slightly different locations with slightly different file names. 

     Am I

     1. Making sense? and

     2. Asking to do something even possible?