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Open a new window in a diferent layout

Question asked by c.wagner1 on Nov 12, 2014
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Open a new window in a diferent layout


i have a layout that has several intensive on layout load and on record load script triggers that have to run to set it up.  They may take a second or so to complete. This is not a big deal because you do not need to jump around from layout to layout in my file.  There are several times that I do open an additional window as a dialog window to preform various functions. The problem is the new window script step will always open to the current layout and all the associated script triggers have to fire before I can switch to the correct layout for what ever need at the time.  This causes some the file to feel sluggish in some cases. The only thing I can think of to eliminate this issue is to open an off screen window to a blank layout on start up and switch to it before opening dialog windows I may need.  While this should work, there seems to be to many ways it could go wrong.  Any ideas?