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    Open A Second Database



      Open A Second Database


      I have two databases the auto file from each other. When I open the first database I want the second to open automatically. How do I do that?

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          If there is a reference from file 1 to file 2 on a given layout (say a field from a table in file 2 is placed on this layout), File 2 will open automatically. If file 1 was opened with a password, fileMaker will attempt to open file 2 with the same account and password.

          This would require creating at least on table occurrence in File 1 that refers to a table in File 2.

          You can also use Open File in a script to open the second file.

          Please note that renaming a file or moving it to a different location relative to the other file can break both methods.

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            Thank you. I used the Open File command in a script and it works great.