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Open a variable defined file in a script

Question asked by Dav on Sep 28, 2011
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Open a variable defined file in a script


Greetings from a 70 year old FileMaker Pro user...

I have a script that saves a copy of the currently active file. It then modifies the current file (deleted some unwanted records) then saves the file under a different name (defined as $filepath variable). But now... I need help to script a way to Open the saved modified file with a variable and close the first file - or can I first close the current file then Open the modified file using the defined file name?

When I use "Open File" as a script step, FileMaker Pro insists on requiring the user to type in the file name - NOT what I want the user to do. How do I auto-fill in the file name input window with the previously defined file name? Or is there a different approach needed?

I'm hoping for an easy and clever set of steps. Sorry, I'm not a sophisticated user of FileMaker


Thank you for your kind assistance.