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    Open an image



      Open an image


      Hi all,

      I'm using fmp 11 on a windows xp, there is a shared directory with some images. Each image have the name of the product as title.

      I must make a script that open the right image associated at the product.

      How can I make?

      Thanks in advance

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          Possible options:

          1) insert each image into a container field with the "store a reference" option that is part of the product record or in a table linked by ProductId to the product table. Export Field Contents can be used to open the file or you can just use the Container field to display the image.

          2) Store the file path and name in a text field, use Open URL to open the file.

          3) Store the file path and name in a text field, use a web viewer that refers to this field to display the contents of the image file.

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            Solved with :


            1) generate the path in $path

            2) open url $path.


            It Works!!