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Open and save file in container

Question asked by on Oct 4, 2012
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Open and save file in container



     We store Word docs in FM12 container fields. I want users to be able to open the files in Word, edit and save them as required, and for the users always to access the latest version of the file.

     But when the files are opened (by using Export Field Contents), a copy of the file is opened, not the original file, so any changes in Word are not saved as they are overwritten by the original FileMaker version the next time the file gets exported from FileMaker.

     I've tried storing the files as file references, but the same problem - it's not the original file that gets opened but a copy each time.

     I can't see why there's not a simple "Open" command for a container (as well as Export Field Contents) that just opens the original file. Or is there another way around this?


     Any ideas? Thanks in advance!