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    open database automatically



      open database automatically


      Is there a way to open a particular database automatically every time I open Filemaker?  I am using FMP 11 Advanced.  Thanks for the help!

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          Not as far as I know. Why do you need this? (Perhaps there's a different approach that will serve.)

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            Thanks for the reply.  All of the users use one database, and only a few use more than one.  I wanted the database we all share to open automatically instead of using the Quick Start Screen, or having to navigate to the remote server.  I have then created a custom menu so the users that need to get to other databases can use their favorites menu.  I know Access will let you do this and I like having this feature.  I suppose it is no big deal to select it from the Quick Start, but if they only use this one database I thought it would be nice if it could open automatically.  Thanks for any additional advice.

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              If the file is hosted on a server:

              Create a small database file and put a copy of it on every desktop.

              Write a script that uses Open File to open the hosted file.

              In File Options for this file, specify that this simple script run when the file is opened.

              When a user double clicks this file, the hosted file will automatically open on their screen.


              If this were a local file, you can simply place a short cut or alias to the local file on your desktop.