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open exporting file with application

Question asked by jlgonqui on Mar 8, 2009
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open exporting file with application


I build an FM data base that export data to be open for an application built in RealBasic to show the data in a graph. The piece of FM exporting is great and the other piece on RealBasic is working fine with the file, but I have problems to mantaining the association with the application on Realbasic, due to change every time that the file is exported. When the file is created by FM I have to manually associate the file everytime by going to the info of the file and change the <open with> drop list to the Realbasic application. I notice that each time FM export the info, it resets the association to be open with the I changed the extension of the file to fmg and create a new association and still do not work. Another thing that I notice is that each time I fix this manually, and check the option Always open with, hit add and then hit the change all button from the info window, the name of the application that I selected change again to the Some help with be great appreciated. Thanks so much.