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    Open File



      Open File



           I am trying to write a script in which I copy a file, open the new one, then delete the data in certain tables in order to run an import script that bring that data in from a set of excel files.

           Here is what I have so far - in JPEG attached

           I thought that I could use the $NewPathWin variable as the file name in the open file dialogue. But FM does not seem to accept variables here. Insight on how to deal with this will be much appreciated.


           I will add the table update steps once I have the new file open.







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               Use Insert File to insert the new file in to a container field with the store a reference option selected to insert it into a container field that is NOT interactive and NOT stored externally. Then Go to Field [Select/perform ; container field reference here ] will cause the file to open.

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                 Thanks Phil

                 Got it to work

                 here is the version of the script - took me a second to realize that I had to create the container field - once I did that I got it to do what I want