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    Open file (offline) on several devices



      Open file (offline) on several devices



           I created a FileMaker file on one laptop. When that laptop is online, I can open the file on my other devices (macbook, ipad and iphone). However, when I switch my laptop off, I can't reach that file anymore. I thought of saving the file on my macbook (' save copy as') but somehow that function is disabled and I don't know how to change it. In addition, I don't know if there is a similar option on my ipad/iphone. 

           So, my question is either

           - How do I enable the ' save copy as' function? or

           - How do I open the file when the first laptop is not online?

           I am not using a server because I don't need to sync often, so in order to safe costs I need to work around that.


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               'Save a Copy As...' is disabled on hosted files, probably to protect users from unadvisable things such as you're trying to do.

               Copies can be made by transferring files using the file system. Make sure your database is closed when you do that. To iPhone and iPad you could use iTunes.

               Synchronization is an issue, that sooner or later will give you (big) problems.

               I understand your (financial) hesitation about Server. You can - however - create a "server" configuration using FileMaker Pro. All you have to do is leave one computer permanently on and host your file on that machine. If you open appropriate ports and fiddle with NAT on your router this will work even over the internet.


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                 You may also want to investigate some of the synch tools offered by 3rd parties such as 360Works and SeedCode.