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Open file -> empty window -> FMP hangs, crashes

Question asked by dagnew on Jun 14, 2012
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Open file -> empty window -> FMP hangs, crashes


Yesterday all was well. FMS 11 hosting 35 databases on Mac OS 10.6; clients are Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6, running FMP 9.03 (I use FMPA). FMS saves numerous backups each day. This morning no clients could open the solution. FM Server Admin reports 'all normal', all files open. When a client (I tried two) attempts to open the solution (via an opener file or via 'open remote'), the usual file window appears, with the filename, but nothing is drawn in the window. After a short while the spinning beachball of death appears, and eventually - about 5 minutes - FMP crashes. If I use FM Server Admin to close the solution files, and then open them directly on the server with FMPA, I get the same 'empty window'!

However, the Filemaker Sample file CAN be opened remotely, so it seems the hosted files are corrupted. But here's where it gets strange: I used FM Server Admin to close the hosted files, then dragged them from the folder for the hosted solution, and then used FM Server Admin to upload files from the day before. This resulted in no improvement. Likewise I did the same thing with backup solution files from a month ago and no improvement. Never in the past month was there any problem.

Finally, in Console, I see that I'm getting MANY log entries: NSAutoreleaseNoPool()...DocWindow autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking. A Google search tells me this is a memory leak, but nothing more that i understand. Attached are 2 images: from Apple's Console, and from FM Server Admin's Console - statistics.

I'm puzzled, and any suggestions are much welcomed!