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Open File dialog box issues

Question asked by mattb on Sep 16, 2010
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Open File dialog box issues


I have an app which makes use of the FMP Open File menu item.  If the user invokes this and then decides not to open an file, they click the Cancel button which brings up a dialog box that says:  "Open File has been cancelled.  Do you wish to continue with the script?" and shows  Cancel and Continue (default) buttons.  If the user clicks Cancel, then all is well, but if they click Continue, bad things happen!  I need to find a way to make both buttons behave like the Cancel button.  If this were a custom dialog box, I could use the get(lastmessage) function to determine which button was clicked and take appropriate steps in the code.  But since this is a standard FMP dialog box, I don't know how to remedy the situation.   How do I work around this?

Matt Bloomfield