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Open File from Field

Question asked by jonnyt on Jun 22, 2012
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Open File from Field


Hi there,


We have just installed a NAS drive to take the load of a server.

We have a seperate table in our database with an OLE field.

We have a script that inserts a link to the file into the OLE field.

Since installing the NAs the performance is really slow.

Adding a link into the OLE field used to be instant, now it take about 10-15 seconds.

Saving to the NAS is quick and if I put the file reference into windows run, it opens instantly.


I therefore wondered if it was possible to either:-


1) insert a string filewin:NAS:\folder\filename into the OLE field instead of using the insert file script step




2) Insert a the file path as a string into a standard field - then have a function to open a file from that string.



Would this require 3rd part software?