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    Open File from Field



      Open File from Field


      Hi there,


      We have just installed a NAS drive to take the load of a server.

      We have a seperate table in our database with an OLE field.

      We have a script that inserts a link to the file into the OLE field.

      Since installing the NAs the performance is really slow.

      Adding a link into the OLE field used to be instant, now it take about 10-15 seconds.

      Saving to the NAS is quick and if I put the file reference into windows run, it opens instantly.


      I therefore wondered if it was possible to either:-


      1) insert a string filewin:NAS:\folder\filename into the OLE field instead of using the insert file script step




      2) Insert a the file path as a string into a standard field - then have a function to open a file from that string.



      Would this require 3rd part software?

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          1) what you have is called a container field. OLE will only be the case if you use Insert Object. If you used Insert File with the "store a reference" option, then you have already entered a form of that file path into the field. If you did not, then re-insert the file with that option selected.

          2) On windows systems, Open URL can be used to open a file whose file path and name have been stored in a text file.

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            Hi Phil,


            Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this problem.


            However, we were using insert file script step to only store a reference, this opens the file dialogue box. When the user select the file from the mapped NAS drive (windows 7 mapped drive) it takes about 15-20 seconds to complete the action.

            On one computer this is almost instant, one several others it takes 15-20 seconds.

            Saving the files to the NAS drive is instant. And opening the file from Windows run command or explorer is also instant.

            I have checked DFS and IP settings, they are identical on all machines issued by DHCP server. There could possibly be a network issue, as we have Cat 6 cabling and gigabit switches. However some of the cables do not have the appropriate bend ratio, thereofre data transfer is a little slower on some machines. However, for a 500KB email it should still be instant.

            This problem has only really been in place since installing the NAS. 


            So to resolve, I had to look at an alternative solution instead of using an OLE container field and insert file reference, which seemed to be the root of the issue, i.e. where the hang of 15-20 seconds arose from.


            So I ended up using the MooPlug Plugin, which allows me to insert a file path into a standard text field from a dialogue.

            I then use an Open URL script step to open the file from a button.

            This process is instantaneous, users are happy.



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              Understood, but You DIDN'T have an OLE field. That may be a technical "quibble" but details in tech issues are important. And you already had inserted a file reference. Why it's so slow is a question I can't answer but you may want to post an issue report on it in Report an Issue as Double Clicking the container field to open a file inserted "by reference" is essentially the same operation as Open URL so it's very odd to see such a performance difference.