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Open File Script Help Needed

Question asked by DorianMSW on Jul 3, 2009
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Open File Script Help Needed


Hello!  I have been working through learning how to efficiently use Filemaker Pro and have a question regarding using the Open File Script.  Here is my situation:


I am hoping to create a script that will create and then open a new database for a client. Each client database will contain a series of individual records that pull data from the larger group database, but I would like the individual databases to be seperate. 

What would a sample script look like that in essence could open a template version of the individual database, change the file name to a unique filename based on the record within the larger group database, and then save-as that new unique name? 

Also, what is the most efficient way to then open the unique database from within the larger group database when updating/changing the individual data for each client in the smaller database that was created by the prior script?

Thanks for your advice and help on this matter.