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Open File using a variable

Question asked by George99 on Mar 21, 2010
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Open File using a variable


I'm back for more guidance please.


I am developing a filemaker database as an index/control for a collection of Filemaker memory games, on which I am using a selection layout with 2 fields, each a pop up selector, the first pop up selects a catagory, the second selects the actual game within that category.


Having selected the game and copied the filename into a variable, how do I feed the variable into the open file script command? The open file option won't let me type in a variable name.


Once I have gotten the selector working, I intend to compile it as the primary file, and all the games into a single kiosk mode.


George Humphries


Novice Filemaker user, using Filemaker 10 advanced, Windows XP