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    Open files in container fields



      Open files in container fields


           Dear All,


           Is there a way of opening directly an added file in container fields just with clicking on it? (it is a little bit circuitous to save it before opening it)

           Thanks in advance,


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               I found the answer for my question in a previous topic (have to tick off the "store only a reference" when I insert the file).


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                 I come back again with the problem because with ticking the "store only a reference" the file won't be contained, others can not open it.


                 So my problem is that I would like to attach excel/word files in container fields but these can be opened only after saving it. I would like that the files be opened just by clicking on it, without saving it before.


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                   What do you mean "these can opened only after saving it"?

                   The script step: Export Field Contents can be used to open a copy of the file and a button can be clicked to perform a script with this script step to open your file with one click.

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                     I mean that these can not be opened at once first I have to save it on my computer. The problem is that we add a lot of file and many people works with it and it would be more comfortable to easely open it.

                     I tried with the button but with this i also have to save first.


                     Regarding my timestamp problem thank you very much for your help, I write you the final script I used (maybe it is also useful for you)):

                Set Field By Name [ "Name Of The Table::" & Get ( ActiveFieldName) ; Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) ]

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                       What version of FileMaker do you use?

                       If you are using FielMaker 12, you should use External storage to store these files. If you are using an older version, you can store the files in a shared directory and use insert file to insert the fileds "by reference" from this shared directory. As long as each user maps/mounts the shared directory with the same exact path, they will be able to access these files and open them from the container by double clicking.

                       Export Field Contents may still be the best option. It will open any file from a container field no matter how it was inserted, no matter what storage or data format options were selected.

                       You can export copies of the file to your temporary items folder or your script can delete the copy--if exported to any other location after you finish with it. This can all be scripted. You can even script a button to "save" the exported file back into its container field should you need to preserve changes you have made to the file after you have opened the copy.

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                         I use the External storage solution. Thanks again for your help.