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Open folder (Windows) by Field Name (Name_Last)

Question asked by DorialConga on Dec 4, 2010
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Open folder (Windows) by Field Name (Name_Last)


Hi I am VERY new to FileMaker Pro 11, (never used it before this week!) I looked for the answer to the question I am about to ask, but cannot seem to find it. Ít is very simple I am sure.. anyway sorry if this is a stupid or redundant question but I am very fusterated, anyway here it is:

I simply wish to use the open url to open a folder with the same name as the field called: Name_Last

I created a button that will open (on windows) any folder (c:\records) for example.. and I have sub folders by last name of people. I would like to use the button to open C:\records\Jones or C:\records\Smith etc.. where Smith or Jones is the name in the Last Name field (Name_Last) field of any given name.

I can use open url and simply put in c:\records.. but I thought if I put in c:\records\ & Name_Last it would work.. but it does not.. I know I am pretty stupid when it comes to this stuff. So you can laugh at me but please wont some one help! :/ Thanks in advance from an Ultra Novice.