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Open folder with URL Filemaker Pro 12

Question asked by tcorbeil on Jul 15, 2015
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Open folder with URL Filemaker Pro 12



I’m new to this and not sure what I did wrong

We have Filemaker Pro12 and we want to have script that will open an existing folder on our server

From our ‘Service Call’ form there is a button with the script ‘ServiceCall OpenFolder’ attach to it

From there we want it to open the folder of that specific 'Service Call' form, the field ‘’Service call ref #’’ contain 6 number (ex: 007446).

The script ‘ServiceCall OpenFolder’ is:

Open URL [No dialog; "R:\Database\Service Call\ & SERVICE CALL::Service call REF# & "]

It doesn’t work?? But this script work:

 Open URL [No dialog; "R:\Database\Service Call\ 007446"]


What am I doing wrong


Thank you in advance