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Open Image File from Script?

Question asked by metroart on Jul 17, 2009
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Open Image File from Script?


I'm creating a Filemaker 10 solution in Windows for my townhistorical society to catalog its collection of photos.


I'm using Filemaker’s Import folder feature to bring batchesof JPEG files (each with a thumbnail, filepath and file reference) into the database.


Filemaker lets me open the JPEG image directly in thedefault JPEG application (e.g. Picasa Photo Viewer) by right-clicking thefilepath field and selecting Open File from the menu.


BUT how can I do this from a SCRIPT? – so I can allow myusers, for example, to open the file in Picasa simply by clicking on thethumbnail image.


The only way I know is to use a dynamic file variable (e.g. $filepath)with the Export Field Contents script step. BUT this has one BIG disadvantage –you can't open the image file directly – you can only export the contents ofthe JPEG to a COPY of the JPEG, which is rather confusing to the user.   


Is there any way to have a script open the image fileitself, rather than a copy?