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    Open letter from a Bento Migrator (RE: FileMakerPro 13)



      Open letter from a Bento Migrator (RE: FileMakerPro 13)


      Hello Filemaker representative,

           I've noticed you've release filemaker pro 13 today - congratulations! I'm actually a brand new FMP user (a bento user who "migrated" when it was unfortunately discontinued) and I'm confused by your pricing policy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the cost for me to upgrade to FileMaker Pro 13 is $179? PLEASE tell me this is incorrect, and you have some sort of "grace period update" for us bento migrators as I believe it would be extremely unfair to have those of us who continued our business with you once bento was discontinued, to be forced to pay another $179 for the latest FileMaker pro. We purchased FMP as the latest version, and didn't even get to use it for 60 days and its already out of date! To add to the insult, the cost of the migration+upgrade would make it a total of $358 for bento owners to run FMP13, when a brand new user can pick it up $329
           Please tell me I'm simply missing an option for a grace period upgrade to FMP13? If not, can you please give me the contact information of someone who I can talk to about this situation, as I believe its completely unfair or bento users who migrated to FMP so recently to be forced to pay $179 again for the latest version. I only ask that FileMaker inc show the same loyalty to its recent Bento migrators as we showed by purchasing File Maker Pro. We care about your company and products, please show you care about us too.
           Thank you in advance for your help and reply. 


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               Hear, hear!

               (Not to mention the untallied costs of trying to learn first FMP 12 and then 13........)

               Bravo, Jon!

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                 You might try contacting FileMaker support regarding this:  http://help.filemaker.com/app/ask

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                   Afraid that I have to agree 100%. I feel like FileMaker is once again kicking me in the head. I guess someone at FileMaker had a good idea on how to get former Bento users to purchase FMP12 and then make them pay again to upgrade to FMP13. Doesn't seem quite right to me. Of course we could always assume that the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing…

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                     Not to throw gasoline on a fire, but FMP12 is an excellent programming environment and coming from Bento you couldn't possibly NEED any of the new stuff in FMP13. You don't need to go to FMP13, so you won't need to expend any more funds to FM.

                     Problem solved.

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                       Hi Paul--

                       Understood, not gasoline. And you are right: I don' t need most of FMP13 (or FMP 12 for that matter).

                       But here's the thing: each generation of FMP (in theory) gets easier to use.  I devoted piles of time and money to FMP 9 but in the end,  it was just too hard for this sole practitioner who is in a creative field and is not a developer.  (Bento was a godsend.)  FMP 12 was lightyears easier than FMP 9.  But it's still hard.  

                       From the little bits I've seen so far,  FMP 13 has a few new tricks that would make my simple databases that much more intuitive to set up; attractive design is also important to me.  I am interested in the new "Content Management" Starter Solution -- if that does what I hope it does (replicating Bento's wonderful native Grid View for images, and addressing much of what I used Bento for), then I would be very interested in moving up to FMP 13 because it would save me time and angst.

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                         I bought Bento for the ease of use for a certain person around me. I know what you mean.

                         However, I'm sure you know that you can still use Bento without FM technical support. You still have these forums.

                         The point is ... Bento didn't disappear. You still have it to use just like you've been using it. That hasn't changed at all.

                         There's still folks "out there" using FM5!

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                           Thanks Jon for raising this issue.

                           Bento users have been a very loyal group attached to the filemaker family. I chose Bento because I didn't need the power of FM.

                           However, when Filemaker announced that they were no longer supporting Bento and strongly encouraged Bento users to use the upgrade pricing as an incentive to move to FM12, I accepted the inevitable and made the switch. I did so knowing that I needed a period of time to learn FM before trying to port my Bento DBs across. This has been a significant investment in time.

                           Like a number of other posters, was very disappointed when I discovered that to stay current with FM13 (I realise that you don't 'have to'), I have to pay again in such a short space of time. Had I known, I wouldn't have taken up the offer from Filemaker to cross grade from Bento. 

                           I think a courtesy from Filemaker would be to allow Bento users to cross grade to FM13 and those of who were encouraged by filemaker to cross grade to FM12, offer a FM13 license to replace the recently purchased FM12 license.

                           Please Filemaker, do the right thing.

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                             Your logic escapes me completely.

                             You upgraded from Bento to FM12 at a discounted entry price, got much more database functionality than you (admittedly) can handle and now feel slighted because FM created new software that wasn't available at the time you upgraded to FM12.

                             What will you say when FM creates FM14? wink

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                               Hi Paul, 

                               the logic is simple really. FM actively encouraged us all to transition to FM12 when FM13 was just about to be released.

                               I have no problem paying for a FM14 upgrade having had the benefit of using the software. 

                               However, in this instance, not only have we not had the benefit of using FM12 (porting from Bento to FM is not straightforward nor is learning FM), but we will effectively being paying more than we would have if we had simply purchased FM13 outright.

                               FM's timing for Bento users is highly questionable.

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                                 I just spent $299.00 to upgrade from 12 to 13  FMPA. I've been upgrading since FMPA version 8.5. Yes, it's expensive, but I fail to understand why anyone would think Bento users who migrated to FM are being treated unfairly.

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                                   Crankster, from your answers, it just sounds like you are trying to squeeze more blood out of the turnip to me.

                                   Doesn't sound like it has anything to do with FM12 or FM13.

                                   Why not say that you just want more than you got when you made the deal.

                                   'Nuff said.

                                   Have a good time with your database applications!

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                                     I get the original concern made by jt3_jon. I do not think it is reasonable to charge someone who went through an upgrade process $29 more for something than they would have otherwise purchased outright for cheaper. That is a big mistake by FM especially since they claimed it was quite the deal they were offering to loyal Bento users.

                                     I do not think Bento users should be entitled to any sort of free pass to FM13, but it would be nice to have been offered one FMP13 license for $179 direct from Bento. It is a bit of bummer on the timing, however you cannot argue the FM12 more than replaces Bento.

                                     With regard to the actual migration there are issues with regard to getting images from Bento to FM.

                                     I have a related problem with how FM12 was marketed to Bento users. I was sold a bill of goods that FM would support up to 9 connections peer to peer, which was a major decision to purchase the product. Here is a bit of text from something I wrote in the Bento forum:


                                •           -As a Bento user we were running for less than $200.
                                •           -Bento discontiuned.
                                •           -Shown the path to FMP12 at a cost of $1800 for licenses (in our specific case). This was with the promise of being able to run up to 9 users and having the extra features that made FMP a better product. Sounded ok. We went for it.
                                •           -FMP13 released.
                                •           -The new features in FMP13 are interesting and when dealing with ever evolving iOS environment it is a good idea to future proof yourself with the latest software.
                                •           -So with the 7 users we attained with FMP12 it will cost us $4800 to "upgrade" to FMP13 plus the cost of a more dedicated server, some annual recurring charges, and all the labor to implement the whole thing.

                                     I hope you can see $4800 is not generally considered a reasonable upgrade price for software that was originally $1800. Further the quick push from the Bento price point up to FMP12 was a jump, but reasonable in a way. The FMP13 thing...whoa.

                                     I would be happy if the upgrade to FMP13 was $900-$1200 and I could continue with up to 9 users I was sold with FMP12."


                                     Basically I do not have any problem with the upgrade cost from FM12 to FM13. FM12 is old and it was due for an update so it figures. If you did not see that coming I do not know what to tell you. My issue is I was sold a software package that would support 9 connections and the upgrade will only support 5. I would expect FM will up this back to 9 users, because I am sure I am not the only one with this situation and I do feel cheated in a way. At worst case I would rather pay for additional connections than move to the expense of FM13 Server, which I really do not have a need for.

                                     There are those that say stop complaining and just run FM12. Well, There is a big problem with that. FMGo. Since FMGo is a big reason we went with FM as well we are aware that FM will need to keep updated with changes to iOS. FM12 will no longer support any iOS changes. So there is a situation where FM12 may very likely not operate properly in any future version of iOS. Since iPads running FMGo are a big part of FM now keeping current on the software is very important.

                                     I do love the FM product. The ease of use is amazing and that is a big factor for us. For now I would be happy if I can just have my 9 users peer to peer in FM13 and beyond.

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                                       I suspect that our FM forum friends will construe the Bento users to be a bunch of complaining scrooges :)

                                       The issue for us (or at least me) isn't the cost so much but the principle. 

                                       Yes FM13 is a significant upgrade from FM12 both of which are far more capable and sophisticated than the humble Bento.

                                       But that is the point, Bento users would not have made the switch to FMP at all had Filemaker not encouraged us to do so by discontinuing support for Bento and offering the upgrade. A month or so later and they announce FM13 leaving us to wonder why did they bother to entice us to FMP just before a major FMP upgrade?

                                       For those of you who are seasoned FMP users,  Bento user's annoyance must seem trivial however, for those of us who switched because we were encouraged to do so, not out of any need for added power or capability, it feels improper.  

                                       When I have learned how to use FMP, I'm sure I will be more than satisfied as FMP and the support offered by their staff and these forums are brilliant. Nevertheless, I will still feel unhappy about Filemaker's conduct toward a very loyal group of Bento users and believe they could have handled the transition better.