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Open letter from a Bento Migrator (RE: FileMakerPro 13)

Question asked by jt3_jon on Dec 3, 2013
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Open letter from a Bento Migrator (RE: FileMakerPro 13)


Hello Filemaker representative,

     I've noticed you've release filemaker pro 13 today - congratulations! I'm actually a brand new FMP user (a bento user who "migrated" when it was unfortunately discontinued) and I'm confused by your pricing policy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the cost for me to upgrade to FileMaker Pro 13 is $179? PLEASE tell me this is incorrect, and you have some sort of "grace period update" for us bento migrators as I believe it would be extremely unfair to have those of us who continued our business with you once bento was discontinued, to be forced to pay another $179 for the latest FileMaker pro. We purchased FMP as the latest version, and didn't even get to use it for 60 days and its already out of date! To add to the insult, the cost of the migration+upgrade would make it a total of $358 for bento owners to run FMP13, when a brand new user can pick it up $329
     Please tell me I'm simply missing an option for a grace period upgrade to FMP13? If not, can you please give me the contact information of someone who I can talk to about this situation, as I believe its completely unfair or bento users who migrated to FMP so recently to be forced to pay $179 again for the latest version. I only ask that FileMaker inc show the same loyalty to its recent Bento migrators as we showed by purchasing File Maker Pro. We care about your company and products, please show you care about us too.
     Thank you in advance for your help and reply.