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    Open old FP3 file



      Open old FP3 file



      I have some rescued FP3 files from and old old old Mac computer which I need to open in windows, I've downloaded the FM11 trial but it says to use FM 4.0 which I don't have. 

      Does anyone know a way to extract the data from these files even if it's only as csv or text?

      Thanks  :)

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          Filemaker 11 can open and convert FileMaker 3 files directly. Make sure the file has a .FP3 file extension, then launch fileMaker 11 and use it to open the file.

          Here's a knowledge base article on the conversion process:  http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/750/kw/converting

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            Thanks for that. I've read the guide and downloaded the FM6 trial but no luck so far. I get the error: 

            This is FileMaker Pro Release 6.0. "DB1.FP3" was created by version 4.0 of FileMaker and cannot be opened by this version. Please use Filemaker 4.0 to view this file.

            Pretty much the same thing I get when I try to convert in FMP11.

            So is there a trial of FM4 floating around? I find lots of downloadable addons but no legit trial when I Google.

            Could the issue be that the original was created on a Mac and I'm trying to convert on a PC?

            Ta very much.

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              That's strange. According to the article, you should be able to launch FileMaker 11, select Open from the File menu and be able to open and convert the file.

              The file formats are the same for Mac and Windows so that shouldn't be an issue, though it was possible to create a file on the Mac without the file extension expected for windows--so sometimes you had to edit the filename before windows would correctly recognize the file as a FileMaker file.

              I don't remember if the file format for FileMaker 4 was different from FileMaker 3, but if it was, you might take a copy of your file and rename it DB1.FP4 and see if it converts.