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Open other database automatically with same password

Question asked by lijnbach on Jun 5, 2014
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Open other database automatically with same password


     Hello everybody,

     I followed the suggestions of PhilModJunk and separated my Application from my data, so I have two databases.

     What I am facing now, is if a user opens the application with his account name and password, he has to give his account name and password again to open the database with the "data".

     I have four levels of security, Student, teacher, manager and the Admin (me). 

     Is there a way to open the second database (with data) without reentering the account name and password again? The account names in the second database with data is identically to the application database.

     If I work with my own account name it all works fine, but that is, I think, because I have full access.

     Thanks in advance,

     Hans Lijnbach