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Question asked by mdscarpa on May 8, 2014
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Open PDF


A field in one of my tables contains order numbers. I have PDF's with order specifics saved by (order number).pdf. I want to place a button on the layout which will open the PDF file related to that order. I have tried many different approaches to no avail. 

My closest attempt involves using OpenURL, I set it as - file win:/Z:/Files/Folder/WK/PO PDF/"& WK::OrderNumber & ".pdf"

I then execute the script and when I preform it with dialog the correct path comes up in the box, but when I press OK nothing happens. If I copy and paste the link out of that box into IE it will work though so I know the link is right. IE is my default browser and I have disabled Pop up blocker for what that was worth.

I am running FM13 and IE 11 on Windows 7 Pro.

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.