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Open pdf's within a container fields within a script calling 'perform applescript'

Question asked by Snozzle's on Nov 4, 2009
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Open pdf's within a container fields within a script calling 'perform applescript'




I'm using Filemaker Developer 9, on Mac OS X 10.6. 


I can open a .pdf document in my archive file on my desktop from Filemaker calling applescript within a particular Filemaker script with no problem ... 


"tell application \"Preview\" to open \"Snozzle's HD:Users:thomastheriault:desktop:archive:" & SoHo Notes Category to Line Item Category::Archive pdf Path & "\"¶

tell application \"Preview\" to activate" 


... however, this .pdf document needs to be secure, that is why I've inserted the .pdf document within a container field within Filemaker that is password protected leaving the 'Save Only Reference to File' unchecked (An Applescript will delete this file once it has been inserted )  We want the whole .pdf document saved within the Filemaker database. And I'm assuming that the container filed has the ability to store the complete file - Yes/No??


If Yes - How do I call the .pdf document from within the container field within Filemaker from within a Filemaker script calling a 'Perform Applescript' like above.


Please help or, if you know the exact page(s) in a good FileMaker Reference Book I will research myself.  Again, however, reading 900 million, billion pages, and googling and clicking into and trough a million, billion web links and their associated pages have yet to resolve my trouble :-(


Any good, valid, uncluttered assistance would be extremely grateful at this moment!  Is there a better way??? Maybe, yes, no?


Thank you!


Snozzle's :-)