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    Open photo file from container field



      Open photo file from container field


      I have an applescript that opens an image in a container field. Has worked fine and dandy until recently when I made a filemaker, computer and operating system upgrade. I assume a FM change or a mac yosemite issue or both. Either way, the old script is:


      tellapplication "FileMaker Pro Advanced"

          setmyPicturetocell "Picture" ofthecurrent recordofdocument "MyDatabase"



      That no longer works. I get an error message (#35). I assume that the "set" actually set the variable to the path of the image as I would then be able to open or copy the file using that path:


      make new folder at the desktop with properties {name:"Copied Images"}

      duplicate file myPicture to folder "Copied Images" replacing yes




      set myPicture to myPicture as string

          tellapplication "Adobe Photoshop CS6"


              open file myPicture



      Any suggestions as to what I should change the "set myPicture" line?