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    Open picture on photo viewer program



      Open picture on photo viewer program


      I am attempting to make a database for a research project. It's difficult to see the details of every picture because each record holds 2-8 images.

      If I right-click on the image I could click on “Export Field Contents” but that’s not what I want. I don't want to save the picture - I want to open it.

      Is it possible to somehow “click” the image or choose a setting to view the original file on a photo viewer program (i.e. Windows Photo Viewer)?

      Thank you!

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          You should use export field contents with the option to open the exported file in most situations.

          You can script this to export to the temporary folder in order to get a copy of the file that will not persist afterwards.

          You can also use a button to switch layouts or open a window, then switch to a layout where a very large copy of the container field fills the entire window. This layout can even be set up to resize as the window is resized.