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Open Related record in a new window or an existing new window

Question asked by ianmanning on Jun 18, 2010
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Open Related record in a new window or an existing new window


Opening is a new window is easy as it's a standard option.

My problem is that I want the popup window to be smaller that the main window and that means that if someone clicks back in the main window it will hide the popup window. I want to avoid the situation where the window gets hidden so the user clicks the "open related record" button again and a second, third, forth... window opens.

If the window is hidden and the user clicks  the "open related record" button (which is in a portal) I want the related record to show in the existing window.

The new Popup window is called "Find Part"

My script is basically

if Position ( WindowNames; "Find Part" ; 1 ; 1 ) > 0   This will return true if the "Find Part" window exists  (the position of "find Part" will be greater than 0 if it is in the list of window names)

select window [Name:"Find Part"]


New Window [ Name: "Find Part";......

End if

Go to Related Record [From table: "Line Items"; Using layout "Find Part Layout"(Line Items)]


This almost works.

It will open a new window or switch to the existing window  but it will only show the first record in the "Line Items" Table not the current related record.

I assume this it looses the connection to the current record in the portal.

I think I could add a serial number field to the Line Items table and use a variable to find it after switching to the new window

Any Ideas on how to do this in a simpler or better way?