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    Open Remote



      Open Remote


      We are using FM13 and I’m having trouble in ‘Open Remote’.

      We have our file on a server and I have my ‘Network Sharing’ turned on.

       When I go to our other client station and go to ‘Open Remote’, there is nothing there.

       Am I missing something?

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          When you enabled sharing for FileMaker on the host computer, did you also enable the file itself to be visible in the Open Remote dialog by enabling sharing for that file?

          While the file is open, Select "Share with FileMaker Clients", then click the file in the list of open files and select the "all users" option.

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            Yes, while the file is open, I selected "Share with FileMaker Clients", then I clicked the file in the list of open files and selected the "all users" option.

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              Do you have fileMaker Pro installed on that "server"?

              Have you used FileMaker to open that file on that server?

              Unless that is the case, there is no open, hosted file to which to open via "Open remote".

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                Do you have fileMaker Pro installed on that "server"? No

                Have you used FileMaker to open that file on that server? Yes


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                  If you use FileMaker to open that file on the server and that copy of FileMaker is enabled for sharing, other systems should be able to use Open Remote to open the file if they are on the same network.

                  But this is not recommended. It is best practice to open that file with FileMaker Pro or Filemaker server installed on the machine where you store the file.

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                    Are you the user in the TechNet Community with the same question?  Different user names but same problem and both have similar icon. If you are the same person, then the issue with two ip address will have to be fixed.  Filemaker Sharing will not work with two different ip address. You will have to disable the conflicting ip address.  

                    If you are not the same user, then I apologize.  

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                      Well it certainly looks like we posted the question on both forums. This may be due to panic. Sorry if this caused any confusion.

                      Here is our configuration.


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                        This is not optimum and risks damage to your file should two people try to open the file at the same time without using Open Remote. Either FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server should be installed on the server and used to host the file.

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                          We are using Windows Server 2008; do you know if this is compatible?

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                            Windows Server 2008 is on the list of system requirements for Filemaker Server, but not listed for Filemaker Pro.   From reading both post I think you need a professional to install your network and filemaker.   A few items that stick out. (My statements are base on both post)   First it appears from your diagram above that you do not have Filemaker on the server.  Filemaker requires Filemaker Server or Filemaker Pro running on the server to host the database.  Filemaker Server will be required for more that 5 simultaneous connections.  From the picture posted on the other forum when FM sharing was turned on two ip address appeared.  Filemaker will not work with two different ip address, they conflict.  I have stated on this forum and the other that you will have to disable one of the network cards.  The 169.###.###.### ip address is an invalid ip address, so I would disable the network card that has this invalid ip address.  Until you address this issue, you will not get filemaker sharing to work.  Even, if there were two valid ip address, filemaker sharing will not work with two ip address and one of them would have to be disabled.

                            Here is a link  to find a FileMaker Consultant in your area. http://developer.filemaker.com/search/