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    Open Remote Display Settings



      Open Remote Display Settings



      We have a number of users all using Open Remote.  There are different monitor sizes and graphic cards on each PC.  On some the layouts fit perfectly within the screen but others they have to scroll up and down  left and right to see all the data.  I assume that the users are inheriting the settings from the computer with the database open in shared mode.  Is there any way to circumvent that so the users can set the properties so they can see the whole layouts regardless of what the remote host is set at?



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          By "properties" do you just want to resize the windows?

          In some cases a maximize window script step is all you need to resize the windows to exactly fit your monitor.

          In other cases, you may need to set up a table of layout preferences for each user that a script can access during startup to identify the needed settings for each user. Sincce Filemaker's ability to adjust automatically to different monitor sizes and resolutions is somewhat limited, you may need to create a set of layouts where each has been customized to the needs of a different monitor and your preferences table would then record the name of the layout(s) to  use with that user. (With window resizing to fit different monitors, you may be able to use "anchor" settings in the layout to make items resize/reposition when the window is resized.)

          On windows, you can also play with a number of display options to see if you can get better results: In Preferences, there's an "enlarge window contents to improve readability" option you can turn on or off for each user while the DB is open on their machine. In Windows 7 there's also a setting the Display control panel where you can specify a percent enlargment for all windows in your system.