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    Open Remote File with empty solution



      Open Remote File with empty solution


           I have been trying to find out if it is possible to create a script that will open a remote file on my computer from outside my network on Filemaker Go 12 &  Pro 12


           What I need to do is send a file to a person that contains my remote connection information so they dont have to enter the information.


           I was told to use Open File then choose Remote to choose the file i want to connect. the problem is when I test it outside my network it pops up with Local network host on FMGO 12.

           Is there a way to store the remote information so if i send someone a file that does not have my IP Address on their copy of Filemaker Pro 12 or Filemaker Go 12 can access my remote files?



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               Use the Open File Script Step.

               If you use the correct connection settings when setting up this script step, the script will open your remote file correctly when it is performed in your "opener" file.

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                 what other connection settings is needed except choosing form the list of remote files after clicking on Remote button


                 the script I have is 

                 Open File ["filename"]

                 am I suppuse to use something else, I thought by choosing the remote file it would carry over all the connection information.


                 Also, to create the script I had to use another computer I have filemaker installed because when I create the script on my main computer choose the remote file then click open filemaker crashes saying something about license.

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                   It should preserve the connection information. Make sure that when you set this script step up and use Open Remote to connect to the file you are setting it up from the same context as your user will need to use. If they are connecting from outside the network, set up the script from a computer that is outside the network to be sure that you are correctly specifying the connection options. (And if this involves specifying an IP address, be aware that your network router's IP address can change unless you have arranged with your ISP to have a static address.)

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                     looks like that worked but have to test more, I did put open remote in script but what happened is when it open my remote file the network dialog box popped up, after removing open remote it just launched my remote file.


                     why is it that i have to setup a script on a different computer and set it up on a different network.

                     When I first did the script I was at my home office and when I picked my remote file from the remote section it closed FM because of licence

                     Using my office Computer with FM on it I created the same script picked my remote file and it seemed to open OK minus the open remote in the script.

                     I have a static Domain name that I use for Filemaker remote files, its a lot easier then trying to remember a number.

                     Thanks for  your help


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                       You might not have to, but when you connect from a computer outside the network, you usually have to specify the IP address and when you connect from inside the network, you do not, as you normally just select from the list of servers supplied by BonJour.

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                         I did some test and the script does not work remotely even if you choose a remote connection that contains a internet IP address.  Is this a bug because I am not sure what is the purpose of only being able to connect a remote connection from wihin your own network and not being able to make a connect outside the network.

                         It works fine if I went to my brother's house got on his network picked from the drop down menu my remote connection then tested the file on my Iphone 3G connection, connect with no problem.

                         So I am a bit confused on why doing the same thing will not give me the same results on my network.



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                           As I have previously stated, the details you have to specify to connect from outside the network are typically different from those used inside the network. Thus, a script with Open file where the details for connecting to the file where specified from inside the network when the script step was created may not store settings that will work when you run the script from outside of the network. If you go to your brother's house and create the script with Open File there in order to open the file, it should work for you, but then only for locations external to the network. You'd use one version of the opener file when inside and a different one (or same file with different script) when you are outside the network.