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Open Remote File with empty solution

Question asked by user14040 on Sep 21, 2012
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Open Remote File with empty solution


     I have been trying to find out if it is possible to create a script that will open a remote file on my computer from outside my network on Filemaker Go 12 &  Pro 12


     What I need to do is send a file to a person that contains my remote connection information so they dont have to enter the information.


     I was told to use Open File then choose Remote to choose the file i want to connect. the problem is when I test it outside my network it pops up with Local network host on FMGO 12.

     Is there a way to store the remote information so if i send someone a file that does not have my IP Address on their copy of Filemaker Pro 12 or Filemaker Go 12 can access my remote files?