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Open remote folder

Question asked by RowlandPenty on Aug 29, 2014
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Open remote folder



     I have a number of container fields in my database which hold pdfs.

     They are stored using Filemaker's open storage option in: [Database location]/Files.


     I have a button which is set to open a URL, with the aim of opening the folder containing the files: it gets the current file path of the database by using get(FilePath), then appends "/Files".

     This works perfectly when I have the database open directly (not remotely).

     When the database is opened remotely (computer on the same network), the link no longer works as the function Get(FilePath) returns "fmnet:/XX.X.XXX.XX/Databasev16.fmp12" instead of the actual path.

     The database and files are stored on a networked drive, the other users have permissions for the drive.


     How can I fix this?


     The question (possibly) boils down to: how do I get the actual filepath of a remotely opened database?



     Thanks for any help in advance.