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open remote issue

Question asked by cmaning_1 on Jun 18, 2015
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open remote issue


We have a database that is hosted by a vendor.  We can access the db on the company Wi-Fi using FM Go 13.  We cannot access the db via Open Remote in FM Pro Adv 13 on the company network.  Did a Telnet test on workstation with FM Pro Adv 13 installed and results showed port 5003 open (blank screen with cursor)  I tried other Telnet tests using different port numbers and the results stated the connection could not be made so port 5003 is open.  

I can access the hosted database in FM Pro Adv 13 using my home internet connection. So there is an issue with our company network.

Very odd that FM Go can connect to the database but we cannot connect using FM Pro Adv 13 on our company network.  We are not using certificates.

Some advice to give our IT/Network folks would be appreciated.