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Open Remote not finding open files

Question asked by sundown on Jun 21, 2013
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Open Remote not finding open files


     I have a problem opening Remote files that seems to be unique to one computer, a new MacBook Air.

     I have 6 remote computers using FM Pros 10 & 11 that find my files Hosted on my iMac through I also have a new MacBook Air that sometimes use to check on the Remote file operation since I use my iMac as the Host. I first installed an old version 8.5 FM Pro on the MB Air & it finds the remote files just fine. I decided to upgrade the MB Air to an extra FM Pro 10 I have. 

     I enter the as favorite host, just like on all other computers, but cannot find any files. I see my iMac as the Local Host, but nothing on the favorite. I go back to the FM 8.5 app & it still works. Have put it in trash & FM 10 still unable to find files. Installed another FM 10 app & same results.

     One more detail that may or may not be relevant. When I load a copy of one of my files on the MB Air & open it with FM 10, I always get a warning panel that says "FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FM Pro on this computer." I recycled & restarted both the Host computer & this MB Air & started another user on the MB Air, but nothing changes.

     Hope someone can help.