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Open remote sometimes shows server and sometimes not

Question asked by ThomasNelson on Jun 8, 2012


Open remote sometimes shows server and sometimes not


We have 5 client machings: 1 mac and 4 Windows 7. We have one server. All run version 12. With the Mac you can always go to Open remote and see the server and database. On the pc's, sometimes it will work and sometimes it will be empty. If it is empty but the database is showing as recent it will allow it to open by clicking it as recent. If it is not showing in open remote or recent and you type the ip address and database at the bottom it will not connect.

Any ideas on why the pc's are having this issue or any suggestions on where to look? The network has a firewall but all the computers are on the same network and on the same side of the firewall.


Thank you for any suggestions. I tried to do a search to see if someone else had this issue but did not see anything.