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Open Remote via Web (FMS

Question asked by wilchin on Jan 19, 2012
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Open Remote via Web (FMS & FMP)


Hi, I sucessfully publish IWP to the net from Filemaker Server 11.

Also Successfully accessed IWP from another computer through the web. 

But accesing IWP outsite the local network, is quite slow and my layout design doesnt seem to be working very well in IWP mode.


I understand that Filemaker pro "open remote" can log into the database locally, but how about externally or through the web?

In web browser I just type in "" to go for the IWP

If filemaker pro can log in through the web, what should i type in the Open Remote dialog?

I tried, putting "" , but the right panel does not show any file hosted by FMS.


Or there is more setting to be done if i want to connect via web using open remote in FMP11? Please Help?