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Open Report in New Window

Question asked by MikeHaddon on Jan 9, 2012
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Open Report in New Window


I have created a few reports for printing in an application I am developing.  Ideally, the user would select a report, via a button, and the report would open in a new window.  From there, the user can print the report and simply close the window.

I can see how to open a new window - but not direct it to a specific layout (the report selected).  Or...  I can use the button to go to the layout (the report selected), but it isn't in a new window.  Using this method, I would need to create a way for the user to navigate back - which I don't want to do.

Is there a simple way to have the user select the button for the report he wants, then have it open a new window showing that report (layout)?  Thanks!