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    Open URL doesn't pass the complete parms to IE? (open url zipcode lookup)



      Open URL doesn't pass the complete parms to IE? (open url zipcode lookup)


      I am using open url to go from FM10 to the USPS site and retrieve the zip code.


      In my button set up I have specified (server and userid omitted)

      "serverxxxx" &

      "ShippingAPITest.dll?" &

      "API=ZipCodeLookup" &
      "&XML=<ZipCodeLookupRequest%20USERID=\"useridxxxx\">" &
      "<Address%20ID=\"0\">" &
      "<Address1></Address1>" &
      "<Address2>6406%20Ivy%20Lane</Address2>" &
      "<City>Greenbelt</City>" &
      "<State>MD</State>" &
      "</Address>" &


      When I click on the button this is what I see in the dialog box:



      But when the info get inserted in IE it drops the last character. This is what appears in IE



      Note the last > is missing. Why?

      I tried adding a space to the end when specifiying the calc but FM/IE still dropped the final >.

      I thought maybe I was hitting some sort of string length problem and shorted the test street name and it still dropped the >.

      Any ideas - pointers to where I might look?