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Open URL file path

Question asked by Capt-Tuttle on Feb 26, 2010


Open URL file path


Filemaker Pro 10


About three weeks of filemaker work and getting dangerous :smileytongue:


I have my solution but have a question of why


Task was to open a pdf file in our local network. The path was fixed, filename a caculation of a text field value and .pdf

while trying to get the right open url syntax I found \\path\dir\filename worked

so my caculation looked like this:

\\path\ & text_field_value & ".pdf


What then drove me insane was every time I exited the caculation window the text string was corrected to "\path\" Filemaker deleted the \ of the \\.

Why did it do this? its a text string yes?





I finaly found the correct caculation

"file://path/"& field_value &".pdf"

and this worked great