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Open URL trouble, need help

Question asked by jdevans on Aug 18, 2015
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Open URL trouble, need help


I have a button on a portal row that is designed to go to a path that the user must enter into a field on that same row. I want the button to first check to see if path has been entered, so to that end, first it checks to see if the path field is empty. If it is, it should open Windows explorer to the desktop, so that they user can browse to where their chosen path is.

My script works if a valid path is entered, proceeding to use the OS to open that path in a new window

However, the IsEmpty function is being evaluated, and the variable is being set,  but for some reason the OS opens that last path I had open if the path field is left empty, instead of the desktop. Not what I wanted.

Here's the errant script snippet:

If[IsEmpty(Document Path::path_url)
Set Variable[$desktop; Value:Get(DesktopPath)]
Open URL [No dialog; $desktop]  //this is the part that isn't happening
     Open URL [No dialog; Documentation Path::path_url]
End If