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Open URL using relative filepath

Question asked by sunmoonstar.13 on Jun 26, 2010
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Open URL using relative filepath


Hi there,


On my home laptop, I have a folder called "_Databases" which contains several Filemaker files, two of which I'll refer to as RED.fp7 and WHITE.fp7.


I'm trying to write a script within RED.fp7 that will open WHITE.fp7 using the "Open URL" script step and a relative file path.


I've tried...


Open URL [No dialog: "file:WHITE.fp7"]





Open URL [No dialog: "file:_Databases/WHITE.fp7"]



and I've also tried...


Open URL [No dialog: "filewin:../WHITE.fp7"]


...but when I run any of these scripts, nothing happens.


It needs to be a relative file path because the folder and its files exist on another computer (at work) and the script needs to work on both machines.


Note also that WHITE.fp7 is NOT set up as an External Data Source within RED.fp7 because the two files are unrelated to each other. Essentially, the script is intended to function as a shortcut to open WHITE.fp7 from within RED.fp7.


I'm running FMP 11 Advanced on Windows 7.


Any help with this issue would be much appreciated, thanks.