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Open URL with Field Contents

Question asked by on Jan 31, 2013


Open URL with Field Contents


     GOAL: Create an easily printable report from the IWP client

     I would like to be able to use the contents of a global field which contains a complete HTML formatted report in the Open URL script step from IWP.

     I can successfully do this in the Web Viewer using: "data:text/html, " & VMSG::gTemp_Report_HTML

      - The Web Viewer seems to be very browser dependent.  It works in Chrome but not in IE???

      - Right now, to print the report in IWP, I have to highlight/copy the report in the Web Viewer window then paste it into Word.

     I tried this with Open URL.  No luck. Is there something like this that will work with the Open URL script step?

     I thought that maybe I could create an HTML file on the server then put the path to the file in the Open URL step.  I can't seem to find any script step to do this that will work in IWP.

     I can send the contents of the field in an email using Send Mail, but it only sends plain text and just shows the HTML code.

      - I may be able to do this by installing the 360Works eMail PlugIn on the server

     Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.