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    Open, access network folder/files



      Open, access network folder/files


      Hello and good morning to everyone!  We have a FM solution that we are about to roll out in our company but the one of the hurdles I can't get over with is how can I give my users to access the folder/files they need to access if they are not in the office.  We have are sales team most of the time in the field and would need access to their files stored in our network drive.

      Is there a way that this can be achieve?

      Thank you in advance for any help/ information.


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          By "folder/files" do you mean access to the Database system?

          Are you hosting your solution over a network using FileMaker Pro or FileMaker server?

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            Hi PhilModJunk,

            We are hosting the FM Solution using FM Server and they (sales team) want access to the files that we have in our network drive called Z:/Sales where they have store their pricing and other documents.

            We have have a system in place that after creating a job using the FM Solution, the FM solution will create a job folder in our network drive (Z:/) for each job created and inside each job folder we have other folders like Sales Folder, Planning Folder, and Reports Folder.  The sales team stores their documents pertinent to the jobs they are assigned to and would need access to those folders and files when they are out in the field, when they are in the office it is not an issue since I already have it set up using send event and open url script step command but I this doesn't work when they are not connected in the office network.

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              Sounds like something that will require either VPN or remote desktop access for your sales staff.