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Opening a file on a different network

Question asked by SimonRawlins on Jan 30, 2013
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Opening a file on a different network


     Hi all,

     I am using FileMaker Pro 12.

     I have two locations that I want to be sharing the same database in.

     Two computers (both have FileMaker Pro installed on them) are situated in one location, on the same network, and I am able to live share the database across these two computers using the "FileMaker Network" option in "File>Sharing".

     I want to be able to share this database live with an Ipad that has FileMaker Go installed on it, but in a different location, so obviously this Ipad is NOT on the same network as the host computer.

     Am I able to do this WITHOUT the use of FileMaker Server? I gave FileMaker customer services a call and was told that I would NOT need FileMaker Server to do this, but I can't find a way to do it, and I've been looking through a lot of instructions. It seems that the only way databases can be shared live WITHOUT FileMaker Pro is on the same local network. 

     If I cannot do this without FileMaker Server, is there any way I can share the database online with the Ipad, but not 'live'?

     Any help/advice is appreciated,